SNICAR-Online: Snow albedo simulation


1a. Incident radiation:
1b. Solar zenith angle, if incident radiation is direct (0–89 degrees): degrees

2. Surface spectral distribution:
Mid-latitude winter, clear-sky:
Mid-latitude winter, cloudy:    
Summit Greenland, clear-sky:  
Summit Greenland, cloudy:      

3. Snow grain effective radius (30–1500 microns): μm

4. Snowpack thickness: meters

5. Snowpack density: kg/m3

6. Albedo of underlying ground:
Visible (0.3–0.7 μm): Near-infrared (0.7–5.0 μm):

7. Black carbon concentration (ppb, or nanograms of BC per gram of ice):
Uncoated:         ppb.     MAC scaling factor (experimental):
Sulfate-coated: ppb

8. Dust concentration (ppm, or micrograms of dust per gram of ice):
Size 1 (0.1–1.0 μm diameter):   ppm
Size 2 (1.0–2.5 μm diameter):   ppm
Size 3 (2.5–5.0 μm diameter):   ppm
Size 4 (5.0–10.0 μm diameter): ppm

9. Volcanic ash concentration (ppm, or micrograms of ash per gram of ice): ppm

10. Experimental particle 1 concentration (ppb, or nanograms of particle per gram of ice): ppb

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